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To the editor:

Hey you people at Castanet!

I was under the impression you were a somewhat classy operation. However your recent misleading and sensational headlines tell me you certainly are not. What I’m especially referring to is your “Rockets Blast Americans” story header. To beat all, it was just a sports story – and not a very interesting one at that.

As an expatriate, living in South Africa, I – and several others – keep Castanet as our homepage. I have it there because I enjoy news from home and it makes me feel more in touch with what’s going on in Kelowna, not just Canada. But when the page comes up and the story at the very top blares: “Rockets Blast Americans,” it is certainly more than a little unsettling. Upon seeing that headline, my first thought was: have terrorists struck again?

You have to remember, being on the Internet, Castanet is an international news source and with that comes a lot of responsibility – including presenting Kelowna to the rest of the world. In the era of post 9/11 and the Iraqi war, such headlines are completely irresponsible. As they say here, in SA: “ach, shame!” I am completely disappointed in your lack of professionalism!

-Neal McKenna

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