Letter: Owl Reaction

I am throughly disturbed by the farmer who secured certain death of a great horned owl and will only pay $345.00. I am very sorry that his wife is dying, that is tragic. But I do not see how a family crisis is an excuse or is any reason to be let off easy for torturing a living creature. $345.00 for the destruction of an amazingly beautiful animal, how pitiful. That poor owl was there for two days. Yes it is an animal but to be stuck up on a pole, legs crushed and ripped from its body would be a horrible thing, animal or not. I only hope that the owl went into shock immediately. It is disgusting to think that someone believes that this is okay and that the owl deserved it. Meanwhile it is only doing what nature intended. Why not call wildlife resource before deciding to destroy an animal. This story sickens me as does the farmer.

-Alisha Klassen, Vancouver

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