Letter: Beach Enforcement

That was a great photograph (published on the Castanet webpage) of the nude man in City Park been pepper sprayed by an RCMP officer. The man was sprayed right in the face at approximately five feet away with pin point accuracy by the officer. There are even two other RCMP officers standing by assisting in the situation. Very impressive police work! (I do not cite this last statement with any sarcasm or demeaning inferences towards the RCMP. It really is wonderful to see the control of an awkward situation by the police force.) This swift action occurred because the naked man was in City Park and perhaps there was some alcohol intoxication involved.

Hmmm, now this is a great time to address the inaction by police in years past to control the situation of naked and drunk people (and persons even having open sex) at the "nudy" beach at the end of Lakeshore Road, aka the dog run beach. Could we see the same, new found control of such events this upcoming summer at this beach? Let's all hope so ...


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