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To the editor:

I am a transplantee from Western Star Trucks. When my husband came home and told me that our family had to move to Portland I was devastated. However, I have made the best of the situation and enjoy my new home. Still, Kelowna will always be my home away from home. There are many good things to be said about the city apart from the weather. Anyone who has lived in Kelowna long enough will tell you that one of the best things about the Okanagan is its deep sense of community. This was clearly demonstrated this summer during the fire storm. I was not even in the city during this devastating act of Mother Nature and was immensely proud of the way my city united, in the face of adversity. Kelowna is a small town at heart. There are always smiling faces and familiar names that every family recognizes. I miss this small town atmosphere here in the U.S.. I miss the road side fruit stand owners who recognize me year to year. The Mardi Gras festivities that happen downtown Kelowna every summer. I miss going to Saveon foods and having the bakery staff remember that my girls would rather have cheese sticks than cookies. When my baby was hospitalized here in the Oregon, I had more well wishes and people praying for her recovery in Kelowna than I can even count. These are the things that make Kelowna wonderful. So, Eric C, please remember whose sand box you are in before you relieve yourself.

I sincerely think that any city that you go to has its pluses and minuses. However, the place you live is not about people reaching out to you, but you reaching out and finding your own niche inside the community. Any community is willing to adopt another friendly face if that person is ready to respond in kind. If you walked into Kelowna with a preconceived notion that it is an unfriendly place I am sure that you went around looking for the worst our city has to offer and found it.

Try looking at this city from a positive perspective and you will see a whole different side of the Okanagan.


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