Sunshine Tax Refund Please

To the editor:

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it's the sunny Okanagan... big deal. There's everything wrong with this city. The traffic, drivers, and the traffic lights are bad. The cost of gas here is higher then anywhere else. Food is just insanely price and it's the 5th most expensive city in NORTH AMERICA..can you believe that?

If you want to live in anything clean and well maintainedm you'd better be shelling out 70% of your average pay cheque for rent here. Sunshine tax??? Where's our "overcast refund" from October - April. What shocks me the most is the behavior of people in this city. EVERY day I just can not believe what I am seeing in this place from almost a grocery fight between middle-aged men over - brace yourself - a cart that was in someone's way to people constantly parking where they CLEARLY should not be. Who goes to an apartment and just parks in stalls people pay for? It happens in my building multiple times DAILY. People just have no respect for anybody or anything. Is the service industry here a condition of an employee's parole because the service definitely seems forced and clearly a matter of killing time. I have lived in other places in different provinces and I have never been as disgusted with everything as I am here. What is wrong with this city? Things need to change. Can anyone respond to this with good things to say about Kelowna without bringing up scenery or weather? Before I moved here I was actually warned about "this place". It's not only me. -Eric C.

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