Get A Union Job

Oct 16, 2004 / 5:30 am

The people mentioned that would gladly work for half of union wages just to work and have benefits. If they were non-union they would be working for less than...

KVR Issue Frustrating

Oct 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

This whole issue of trying to ban ATV""s from the KVR is very frustrating because it is being pushed mainly by the misinformed, selfish, hypocritical and...

Separation Won""t Solve Problem

Oct 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

We could segregate the boys from the girls but wouldn""t it be an easier idea if we just adopted some ideas from other cultures? That is, why don""t we just...

Fed Up With Crime

Oct 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

It’s a shame for this wonderful city to have all the crime it does. I don’t know why people do the things they do. My car has been broken into twice, the...

Unions Perform A Service

Oct 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

As a 27 year employee of a unionized workplace I would like to offer some of my thoughts and observation in reply to the letter by JW. The necessity of a union...

Separation Great Idea

Oct 14, 2004 / 5:30 am

I can""t agree enough on the separation of male and female students in some classes. Although it is important for our children to become well rounded and...

Unions Made People Lazy

Oct 14, 2004 / 5:30 am

I agree with L.H., it""s a bunch of crap. I think the majority of our problems in this province are that unions are so largely abused that there is no such...

Junk The Rust Buckets

Oct 14, 2004 / 5:30 am

As a former member of the Royal Canadian Navy and a "Marine Electrical Engineer", I believe our governments decision to purchase Used Junk Submarines from...

Working Within The Law

Oct 13, 2004 / 5:30 am

I am a dog handler in the RCMP and have worked a dog for the past 10 years. I have been asked this question by school officials both in Alberta and Nova Scotia....

Pay The Toll

Oct 13, 2004 / 5:30 am

I wonder if Jane would like to have nice little transfer parking lots all up and down this high speed, multi lane highway. Why didn""t they do the smart and...

Poor Customer Service

Oct 13, 2004 / 5:30 am

I was just at the Kelowna Courthouse to hand in some papers and was literally amazed at what I heard. It was between 12 pm and 1 pm and I was there on my lunch...

Two Sides Of The Coin

Oct 12, 2004 / 5:30 am

There are actually 2 sides of the coin in regards to the City’s late payment interest issue. While I give hats off to the person/s who actually stood their...

Toll Booth Turmoil

Oct 12, 2004 / 5:15 am

My relatives were coming from Vancouver along with an aunt who arrived by plane from England just a little while ago. We had decided to meet them at the toll...

"High" School

Oct 11, 2004 / 10:47 am

I am from Winfield, and am disgusted with the way the school particularly high schools) and the police handle a very out of control drug problem. The high...

Impact Of Traffic

Oct 11, 2004 / 5:30 am

Big White patrons, residents of Black Mountain, Toovey Heights, Rutland Bench, Rutland, Springfield Road areas, should all be aware of this proposal which will...

Turkey Tomorrow

Oct 10, 2004 / 11:35 am

Good Morning! I just voted in your poll on when we celebrate Thanksgiving and in our family we celebrate on the Monday. The reason we do this is that for the...

Outraged By Tactics

Oct 10, 2004 / 6:15 am

I am outraged at the Liberal Party! Our 9th grade daughter came home today with a Liberal Member receipt. Our daughter was under the impression, as she was told...

Prayer Meeting No Place For Gov""t

Oct 10, 2004 / 5:30 am

I recently received an invitation in the mail to participate in a Leadership Prayer Breakfast Program. "The sponsorship committee (of this Leadership Prayer...

Just Doing Their Job

Oct 9, 2004 / 5:30 am

In regards to NIGHT REPAIRS ON BRIDGE, your comment "And the workers wonder why they get the rude remarks they do as people drive by at 10 KM/h." was totally...

Turn Yourself In!

Oct 9, 2004 / 5:30 am

When I read the story about Maria Hammond""s accident, I was brought to tears. The thought that someone would hit a child, and continue on, is completely...