Give Peace A Chance

Nov 15, 2004 / 7:22 am

Their little eyes were fixed on the aged storyteller, pacing slowly back and forth across the gymnasium floor. Even the youngest, though unable to comprehend...

Martin Stands Up For Sudan

Nov 15, 2004 / 7:19 am

Canadians can be very proud of Prime Minister Paul Martin today. He has vowed not to stand by and allow the Sudanese massacre in Darfur to continue unanswered....

Butts Are Litter

Nov 15, 2004 / 5:15 am

Following up on I.K""s letter regarding cigarette butts: nothing infuriates me quite as badly as seeing some irresponsible smoker throw their butt on the ground...

Tasteless Commercial

Nov 15, 2004 / 5:00 am

Several times I have seen a particularly disturbing commercial on TV. It is for Dentyne Ice Breakers. In the commercial, a couple is in the back of a cab and...

Surplus Questionnaire Wasteful

Nov 14, 2004 / 9:51 am

Have to agree with L.H. on this one. The MLA""s that people voted in have not done their jobs that voters got them in to do. They do not speak for us and if...

Shoppers to Blame

Nov 14, 2004 / 9:30 am

It is with much interest that I read about the big outcry against stores and malls opening on what used to be holidays. Remembrance Day, Easter, New Years Day...

Parents Bear Responsibility

Nov 14, 2004 / 9:25 am

After reading DS""s letter, ""Awareness Needed for Youth"" I had to respond. You say you were surprised to find that your 16 year old didn""t know much about...

Venting On Cigarette Butts

Nov 13, 2004 / 5:30 am

I don""t really care if this isn""t printed, I just need to vent. I was walking my daughter to school this morning and saw another person throw their cigarette...

Youths Use Food Bank

Nov 13, 2004 / 5:30 am

A report I read recently claims that more children in British Columbia are regular users of the food bank system than ever before(shame). In recognition of this...

Awareness Needed For Youth

Nov 12, 2004 / 1:41 pm

I have to ask myself just how many teens and business people know what this day is really about? Just what do the younger people know about World Affairs. My...

Transit Solutions

Nov 12, 2004 / 5:05 am

Amidst all of the talk in this town about new bridges, north-end connectors, and overpasses, has anyone stopped to think about what kind of effect a SERIOUS...

Not A Fan of Gordo Or Sindi

Nov 12, 2004 / 5:00 am

I have to first say I am no fan nor will I ever be of Gordon Campbell, but I find it extremely interesting that his name is always used in reference to the...

Who Pays?

Nov 12, 2004 / 5:00 am

I am wondering who is paying for those wonderful Invest in BC commercials on Television every 15 minutes or so. Is it my imagination or is this one way for the...

Banning Food What Next!

Nov 11, 2004 / 5:30 am

While I somewhat agree with R.B. about junk food and class size, get real about the grocery stores. Passing a LAW to say where they can put junk food and how...

Twisted and Bizarre Attitude

Nov 11, 2004 / 5:30 am

I am absolutely blown away by the letter concerning same sex marriages in Saskatchewan. I think that you have by far the most twisted and bizarre take on the...

What Is Traditional Marriage?

Nov 10, 2004 / 5:30 am

Yes, Saskatchewan is just another one of our spineless provinces not willing to defend traditional marriage. No Canadian has the constitutional right to change...

Campbell Stop Hurting Children!

Nov 10, 2004 / 5:30 am

Today Gordon Campbell announces that there will be no more junk food in schools by the end of his next term (2008). So he is more concerned about junk food in...

Crime Doesn""t Pay

Nov 10, 2004 / 5:30 am

I have too been a parent who has had her sons bike stolen, but instead they came onto the school ground and cut his lock with bolt cutters, I know this because...

Bogus Comments On New Bridge

Nov 9, 2004 / 4:00 pm

It is becoming obvious that all the discussion surrounding the traffic changes to accommodate the new bridge are bogus and are really just about preparing...

City Has Excellent Restrictions

Nov 9, 2004 / 5:30 am

Its obvious that most of the people complaining haven""t visited the southern towns on Hwy 97! Oliver to the border. As I drive past everyday I see dozens of...