Letter:UBC/OUC Bad

Mar 16, 2004 / 3:18 pm

I""m sorry Ruth Rochlin but your letter about the hostile takeover of OUC by UBC is nothing but fiction. First of all, you ignore the fact that there are many...

Letter:UBC/OUC Good

Mar 16, 2004 / 3:17 pm

Your headline smacks of irresponsible journalism. This is our valley, and if that is what we are to be given, then let""s celebrate. The last time everyone in...

Letter: Forget Study

Mar 16, 2004 / 10:01 am

Mr. Hogue needs to take a look at the community services and reevaluate his thought process. He states that Kelowna hands out money carte blanche for ice...

Letter From Sindi

Mar 16, 2004 / 9:20 am

Dear Friends, By the time you read this letter I will be back in the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Vancouver General Hospital. I""ve had a couple of...

Letters: Build a 50m Pool!

Mar 15, 2004 / 4:41 pm

I am appalled at City Hall""s actions towards the construction of a 50m pool with regards to commissioning another survery that will cost taxpayers $15,000....

Letter: Bridge Financing

Mar 14, 2004 / 7:45 am

To the editor: Just writing to clarify some comments in your recent Okanagan Lake Bridge financing poll. Because the Government has such a good credit rating...

Letter: Right Wing Govts

Mar 13, 2004 / 7:04 am

“Crime is on the rise in Kelowna. Year end crime statistics for 2003 reveal there were 17,813 crimes reported in Kelowna. That""s a 16% increase over the...

Letter: Emotions Run High

Mar 12, 2004 / 12:47 am

I especially blame Marc Crawford as he knows that Bertuzzi is an intense player with a temper, incredible strength, and a score to settle. Another thing that I...

More Consideration Needed

Mar 11, 2004 / 7:38 pm

I have often wondered if I was the only person who knew what "merge alternately" means. People in this town don""t understand that if they merge alternately...

Spend Money On Training

Mar 11, 2004 / 7:37 pm

I couldn""t believe my eyes when I saw the replay of Bertuzzi purposely punching the player from behind and then the subsequent combination of a fall and push...

Life Goes On After Western Star Closure

Mar 10, 2004 / 9:37 am

It was interesting to read someone else""s view on the changes having to be made due to the closure of Western Star. I read "Castanet" every day, and still...

Bertuzzi Hit Made on Purpose

Mar 10, 2004 / 9:36 am

I just can not sit back and hear that the Vancouver Canucks are rallying around their teammate. PLEASE, can you honestly tell me that, that hit was not on...

The Best Place I Ever Lived!!!

Mar 9, 2004 / 7:08 pm

I feel sorry for Eric. You obviously never lived in A)Vancouver, B) New West, C) Burnaby or D)Prince George. Let me break it down for you in A) yes you have a...

Real Estate Market Crazy

Mar 9, 2004 / 7:07 pm

I can""t believe the real estate market in the past few months - interest rates are down? Now is the time to buy? Well, good luck finding a place! I have been...

Make the Best of Where You Live

Mar 8, 2004 / 6:07 am

I am a transplantee from Western Star Trucks. When my husband came home and told me that our family had to move to Portland I was devastated. However, I have...

Sunshine Tax Refund Please

Mar 7, 2004 / 4:59 pm

Yeah, yeah, yeah... it""s the sunny Okanagan... big deal. There""s everything wrong with this city. The traffic, drivers, and the traffic lights are bad. The...

Gas Gouging

Mar 7, 2004 / 4:57 pm

The last time I saw the Kelowna price it was 83.9 cents per liter. I am from the lower mainland and at times we are paying as much as 86.9 per liter. In a day...

Not Enough Turn Signals

Mar 6, 2004 / 11:03 pm

Two major problems come to my mind, the first is that there definitely are NOT enough left turn signal lights at major intersections in Kelowna. They should be...

Change Lights Seems Simple

Mar 6, 2004 / 11:02 pm

Why is it that all the turning signal lights on this major highway have to operate at the same time as the through green lights? Yes we have an advance turn...

Hwy Provinces Responsibility

Mar 5, 2004 / 1:08 pm

With regard to red lights and camera""s, left turners are not photographed. With regard to traffic flow, the Provincial government bears all responsibility for...