Child CyberSearch Not Bogus

Jul 16, 2004 / 6:19 am

Hi, my name is Christine and I have been canvassing your neighbourhood on behalf of Child CyberSearch. Tonight I was in Glenrosa canvassing and I had doors...

Who Reaps Rewards

Jul 16, 2004 / 5:30 am

I""m just wondering what the logic is behind this ongoing cement strike? Is there a matter of egos at hand that prevents both sides coming to an agreement? No!...

Clean Up Public Beaches

Jul 16, 2004 / 5:30 am

I think public beaches need to be cleaned free of needles. Doctors shouldn""t be saying it happens all the time because this is unsafe. Even though chances are...

Don""t Give Up Fight

Jul 16, 2004 / 5:30 am

I""d like to comment about the very fine letter written to you by RD regarding the city""s council seeming total disregard for it own official plan and the...

Kelowna - We""re In Trouble

Jul 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

My wife and I were one of the poor souls that tried to endure the Council Meeting dealing with the Sarsons/Lakeshore development proposal. At 1 am, 6 hours...

Losing Grip On Congestion

Jul 15, 2004 / 5:30 am

We have lived in Kelowna since 1967 and feel we could not have found a better place to raise our family. Our concern is that in the last few years, it appears...

Too Much Provincial Debt

Jul 14, 2004 / 8:11 am

What is wrong with our economy right now? Nothing, it is better than ever. I can feel the momentum building, it""s great. I remember when everyone said the cuts...

Metal Operation Eye Sore

Jul 13, 2004 / 8:23 am

I think we in Kelowna are blessed with one of the most beautiful areas in our country. Our record with the community in bloom competition speaks for itself....

Right Wing Wastes Money Too

Jul 13, 2004 / 8:20 am

Gosh, nice for D.B. to explain how capitalism works. "The NDP government wasted $400 million dollars but the Social Credit government didn""t... they built the...

Campell""s Cutbacks Go Too Far

Jul 12, 2004 / 5:30 am

I am a support worker for an agency in town. My job is to support individuals who have developmental challenges. Campbell""s cutbacks this year is affecting...

Capitalism Creates Jobs

Jul 11, 2004 / 6:00 am

What is the deal with people wanting a government that should create jobs, develop social programs, reduce taxes, etc. (blah, blah, blah)? How can one at the...

Politicians Deep Pockets

Jul 11, 2004 / 5:30 am

Do you have any idea if Kelowna City Hall is staffed by people? How about Lake Country? Is everything out for tender these days? The lack of anything being done...

Hit High Income

Jul 10, 2004 / 5:30 am

I guess after they gave all the big management their big fat raises that they felt they should put some money into the actual health care system for the real...

What Is Wrong With Laws?

Jul 9, 2004 / 2:35 pm

D.F. must live in my area, if not in my building, and I applaud her letter. I hope Werner Schmidt can help us, for one of the units in my building is a well...

Growing Drug Problem

Jul 8, 2004 / 5:30 am

Dear Mr. Schmidt: I am taking this opportunity to write to you, after the criminal activity around our neighborhood yesterday. I am sure you are aware of the...

Using Contracts Gone Wrong

Jul 7, 2004 / 5:30 am

Yes we were part of the throng that congregated at the downtown centre to celebrate Canada last week. Our day trip began with searching for a place to park....

Survey No Different

Jul 7, 2004 / 5:30 am

What did that survey come up with different then all the others that have been done on this Bridge. NOTHING! All that Survey did was employee a couple of the...

Disappointed Taxpayer

Jul 7, 2004 / 5:30 am

I recently made an inquiry to city hall about observations I had made at the goings on in my neighbors yard. Recently feuding with neighbors on one side of my...

Dogs For Safety

Jul 6, 2004 / 5:30 am

I agree with you C.H. I feel the same way! I was there on the 1st with my friend walking the park. I should have had my DOG for PROTECTION....This DRUNK guy...

Will Not Tolerate Behavior!

Jul 6, 2004 / 5:30 am

I am writing in response to a recent article in the Capital News by Marshall Jones. In the article, Mr. Jones discusses the problem of drug users and the...