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To the editor:

I've recently been reading the letters to the editor that address the issue of our police force intentionally "turning a blind eye to speeders" and criminals in our valley - how they are only interested in writing the "big ticket", or how they "don't care about the guy doing 15 to 20 K over the posted limit". There comes a time people when you have to put yourself in the shoes of our police force and try to understand the frustration that they must be feeling every time they attempt to enforce the laws of our pathetic justice system.

So they give someone a ticket. Over half the tickets issued don't get paid for up to 5 years when that person goes to renew his/her license. They likely will decide to go it without a license. The general public would be shocked at how many unlicensed drivers are on our streets right now. Whether the crime be speeding, driving while intoxicated, possession of a vicious animal or even murder, our laws have no teeth. People today know our justice system. They know that if they are intoxicated, high on Meth or consume diet pills at the scene they cannot be held responsible for their actions. Our system is dictated by sickeningly lenient penalties and money grubbing lawyers who make a living at finding the loopholes that put criminals back in the midst of you and I without them ever feeling the sting of justice. The supposed deterrent that should keep them from re-offending.

Sure our jails are full, but what is wrong with putting some of these less than fine upstanding citizens to work cleaning up our south slopes or our forestry run campgrounds. A little supervised hard labor, which most of criminals have never experienced a day of in their lives, might just act as a bit of a deterrent. As for the young offender laws, well that's a whole separate letter. Until our courts start handing down some penalties that fit the crime our police will continue to be on the short end of the stick, getting the rap for brutality while manhandling some scumbag who just spit in his/her face, our frustration as well as the RCMP's frustration will only get worse, as will crime stats.


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