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I agree with D.L. and Mr. Hasketh. One of my pet peeves is going to Kelowna as I live just outside of the city limits. Kelowna is a beautiful place to visit if it wasn't for the terrible driving habits of a great many drivers. I have lived in this valley for over 35 years and I have seen the habits of drivers here worsen terribly to the point that I sometimes fear of getting hit or envolved in an accident. It's not just young drivers that are the culprits but some "seasoned" drivers as well. Speeding and tailgating are the most serious of these "bad" driving habits. It has to stop!

I usually drive back and forth to Kelowna at least 3-4 times a week and what makes me wonder where my tax dollars are going is the fact that everytime I see a cop travelling the highway with his radar on (and I know this because I had a radar detector) and someone passes me like im standing still is, the cop doesn't even go after these bad drivers who are speeding. This has happened so many times I can't count. What is it exactly they are waiting for, that really fast driver that is exceeding 40kph over the speed limit so they can write a big ticket??? What we need to curb bad driving habits is proper enforcement everytime, not just when the cop decides to write a ticket.

We need to slow down people and not race and dodge our way through traffic just to be at the head of the line. We live in a very beautiful valley so let's slow down and enjoy the view!


To the editor:
After reading the three letters posted about the problem of speeding, it is clear that the authors of these letters have forgot that the people of this country are quite lost. For example who places their foot on the accelerator. My God people, really, how much more dis-empowered do you want to become. Honestly, I have not been so amazed at our grown population asking for baby sitters every were and all the time. It’s quite humorous. If we continue to be less responsible for our actions and lives, we will be witnessing grown men and women sucking on soothers or standing on the street corner asking for money because they cannot find a job. Oh damn it’s all ready happening.

For goodness sake take back your power and become responsible for your thinking, feelings, and actions. It’s a basic human responsibility.

I’m visually impaired. Lost my drivers license some 7 years ago and my job about the same time due to vision impairment. Went back to school to take a course to be able to work. Found a job which disappeared some 5 years later. Returned to school at age 52 and completed at age 54. I take public transit every day to attend work or to reach doctors appointments. I walk 10 blocks to carry home my groceries. I’ve hitch hiked rides when going from one community to another.

Now let's see, you want a police officer on the road or sitting beside you in the passenger seat to ensure that you don’t speed. Really now?

And to bring this into focus. We are responsible for boring, raising and looking after children? No wonder.

-Ron Davis

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