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To the editor:

I sympathize with the person who was treated rudely by a police officer. As in all occupations, there will always be a few "bad apples."

My wife and I were also victims of unwarranted police verbal abuse. A female officer responded to a call from our insecure neighbours, who tried to charge us with videotaping them. Instead of looking into the matter before reacting, the officer yelled at us, and vehemently insisted that we were engaged in criminal activity. The issue was resolved when she finally realized her mistake. Weeks later, our neighbours falsely accused us again. This time a cop came by banging on our door and threatened to charge us. We called his supervisor to complain. He took the time to discuss the matter, explained that the cop was a rookie, and said he would have a word with him.

There are good men and women in our police force in Kelowna. The kind supervisor we spoke to, I believe, represents the majority. Because of him, we let the matter go. Our neighbours, no doubt, were severely reprimanded and threatened with criminal charges for false accusations. There will always be neurotics that's part of life. However, we don't have to put up with inappropriate behaviour from those who hold a position of power. If you are intimidated and treated poorly by an individual in our police force, don't be afraid to address his or her superior, or even your lawyer, if necessary. No-one is above the law.


To the editor:
TL should have received a ticket for leaving their car running unattended. If it was stolen they would have been singing a different story to the police and ICBC.

-R Palmer

To the editor:
What a moronic attitude Tl has, “A Squabble with a Cop” it is people like TL who are driving our insurance rates up. He is extremely lucky that he did not get a ticket for leaving his vehicle running unattended, also whether the constable was over the line or not, it was extremely discourteous of him to park so close to the any vehicle. Please tell us that his letter WAS an Aprils Fools joke, or is it TL who is the fool.


To the editor:
It's a clear no-no to leave a vehicle running while finishing errands or what not. Also, last time I checked the parking lines are not a magical right to park even if its a tight fit. Why not ram the other car to make more room while we are at it?

Is it not an offense to leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running and doors unlocked? This person should be thanking the police officer for not doing more then giving him the silent treatment.

-Krisztian Vass

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