Letter: Higher Priorities

To the editor:

After reading the two letters posted about the problem of speeding, it is clear that the authors of these letters have forgot that the police force in this city have a lot of other responsibilities to attend. Speeding is a crime, and excessive speed should be dealt with for the safety of other people using Kelowna's highways, however the driver that is traveling 10-15 kilometers over the post speed limit ranks low in the priority list of things that need attending.

Judging from the Capital News, the crime rate in Kelowna seems to be rising, and this is a problem that needs attention. Auto theft, home break-ins, domestic violence, the home-less problem downtown, are only a few examples that the Kelowna police force should be addressing before allocating more police officers to the relatively unimportant issue of a driver that is traveling slightly faster than he/she should be.

Basically the point I am trying to make is, there are bigger more pressing problems than cracking down on speeders, albeit, excessive speeding/racing still requires at the watchful eye from a modest portion of the police force.


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