Letters: BNL Was Great!

What a show! I just got back from the best concert I have ever been to. The Barenaked ladies played awesome music, some old, some new and put on a great show.

They don't play for money, they play because they love music and love using it to make people happy. The music was phenomenal, the lighting was great and their endless comedic antics were hilarious.

They take great pride in their home country that they put it to music, making us proud to be Canadian. Their social interaction with the audience is virtually unheard of making them unique.

I enjoy going to the Ladies' concerts with each one being better than the last. Their music is creative and can be enjoyed by all ages. The Barenaked Ladies are a band that I will continue to listen to and be at their shows. Thanks Ladies' for being Canadian, entertaining and passionate about your feel-good music!

-Desarae Brayshaw
Link: BNL Website

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