Letter: Keep Cougar

To the editor:

Okay so our wildlife officers say a young cougar wouldn't make it on it's own and that it must be put down. I wonder what George and Joy adamson of the born free , elsa fame would say about this. were they not able to reintroduce a lion into the wild.

If it was November and a young cougar was found starving to death then yes maybe putting it down would be the humane thing to do, but it's spring and the snow is fast disappearing. Soon there will be lots of animals about that cougars consider prey and given half a chance this young couger will survive. Recently in a local paper there was an article about the abundance of rabbits.

This cougar has no chance against a rifle. How about letting nature take it's course. Take the cougar and let what happens happen for once. It is we humans who have moved into the cougar's home.

-Dave Wood

To the editor:
I don’t understand what the conservation officer means by, ‘Unfortunately there is nowhere (he) could take the cougar if he did capture it.’ here was a letter wondering why the cub couldn’t go to a game farm who would love to have him or another such place. Why isn’t that an option?

The other option would seem to be releasing him to a place in the huge, vast area we have here in B.C. giving him at least a chance at life.

I am not an animal lover who thinks animals have rights over people but this case does not seem to be one where there is a huge threat of life other than that of the cougar.

-Cindy Henderson

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