Outraged By Tactics

To the editor:

I am outraged at the Liberal Party! Our 9th grade daughter came home today with a Liberal Member receipt.

Our daughter was under the impression, as she was told by a liberal recruiter, that the form would allow her to vote at her age.

After looking at the receipt, my wife and I informed our daughter that she was now a member of the Liberal Party.

I can't believe that our "public schools" allow this to take place without the parents consent. I wonder if the head of the school district 23 realizes that this is going on, or even if the principal of George Elliot Secondary School knows and if so, who does he think he is to allow our young kids to be swayed as to which party to join?

Furthermore, kids at this young age have no idea about politics.

I for one will be contacting the media, school district 23 and the Liberal Party for an explanation and we will see what other underhanded tricks the Liberals are playing!


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