Letter: Long Term Care

To the editor:

Colin Hansen, Minister of Health Services, needs to listen-up - to seniors, their families, health care professionals, and organizations advocating against care facility closures. His government plans to close forty-seven long-term care facilities across British Columbia, all by the end of this summer. The Campbell Government continues to uproot seniors from care facilities, and has given seniors limited options - not choices - as to where they can live. His government's "New Era" tornado of initiatives continues to tear apart communities, rip the hearts out of seniors and their families, and demolish intermediate and extended care.

On March 31st in Creston, BC, on my tour of the province, I will present the first public copies of my society's extremely lengthy ten-month study-report demanding both a Royal Commission on the State of the Elderly in the Province of British Columbia and a moratorium on long-term care facility closures. Contrary to Mr. Hansen's characterization of advocacy as "fear-mongering," our report is "fact-presenting," detailing the prevailing state of crisis in senior health care. Let the public debate now begin.

For the sake of seniors,

Judy Sellin, BA
Elderly Liberation Movement Society of British Columbia

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