Gas Hikes Out Of Line

To the editor:

Why does gas go up right before spring break, summer holidays, return to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas? Could it be because these are peak travel and tourist times? Why do all the gas companies charge the same price?

Banks don't. Grocery stores don't. Insurance companies don't. Big box retailers don't. Department stores don't. Drug stores don't. It reeks of price fixing, gouging the consumer and kickbacks. The government offers us tax cuts and then allows the gas companies to be unregulated. Could it be that the government wants to recover the income tax cuts by increased tax revenue from the price per litre?

Why was gas 65 cents in Quesnel while it was 78 cents in Kelowna? Maybe our civic officials should get off their butts and find out why the people who elected them are getting ripped off. There is no reason that we should pay more than other interior cities or the lower mainland. Enough is enough.


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