Letter: Mixed Feelings

To the editor:

I have mixed feelings about the apartment fire recently in Kelowna and read with interest the letters previously sent.

At first I thought... yea, Kelowna rallied around the OK Mountain Park fire victims, and the apt. fire one should receive the same.

Upon further thought... the OK Mountain Fire was such a freak thing of nature. House fires do not fall under the same category. If the City were to reimburse people of house fires who are foolish enough not to carry insurance (which is so cheap for contents only) then they would just be setting a precedent to all others that lose property in house fires. Some of which may be self induced.

Don't get me wrong... I feel soooo bad for the victims of the fire, but feel they should be going after JABS which owns the building that housed them, not the City. Who's responsible here?


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