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To the editor:

I must state that I agree, unequivocally, with the rightful owners of the private lands affecting the greenway. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that had the provincial and municipal governments been a little more respectful and circumspect in the first place and not tried to ram the right of way through without first examining all the facts, the owners would have acquiesced and allowed access, without any trouble.

They should be reimbursed for all of their expenses, awarded some kind of compensation for their frustration, stress and annoyance and gently solicited to allow usage, with impunity and in perpetuity, for their land.

Failure to do so would only indicate total disregard for personal rights, a situation too well known by our indigenous people.

-Richard Begin

To the editor:
It is a shame that the now determined legal owners of the property are suggesting they would consider leasing a right of way for continued use of the walkway to the city for $1 or something similar. If this offer was made prior to their legal action and refused by the City, then full blame should be on the City's shoulders.

If offered now by the owners to reduce the ill will aimed at them and make the City look like the bad guys, then the City, or whatever legal authority necessary, should expropriate the land required to maintain or expand the existing greenway.

-K. Anderson

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