Letters: Time for War

To the editor:

It is time for us to wake up spiritually and realize that the Christians were liberated and set free from being oppressed and tortured by Saddam Hussein. President George W. Bush made the right decision to go to war with Iraq as this has set the Christian people free and now they can worship their God (Jesus Christ). This week the Christian News on Miracle Network showed pictures of Christian leaders in jail cells for their faith. The day the war broke out they were supposed to be executed. There was no freedom of religion for Iraq’s Christians and because of the war the execution was stopped and the Pastors and Evangelists were released from dungeon-like jail cells.

It is time for the people involved in the Peace Rally to get their heads out of the sand and rally for our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq and be grateful that the US is there to assist them and further the gospel of Jesus Christ. President Bush had compassion for these fellow Christians and helped bring spiritual liberty to them. The Bible says there is a time for war and a time for peace. This was a time for war. Anyone against the war should go and live in a country that persecutes Christians for faith their faith. Instead of wasting time in this peace rally get on your knees and pray for the persecuted Christians around the world.

-P. Chozen

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