Story hour ... what a drag

As a parent, I am disturbed by the drag queen story hour event that took place in our public library, which is a supposedly neutral and educational place.

It would have been very confusing to my children to walk into the library and see men in women's clothes with makeup on, reading a story to children.

This is not inclusive, as I would not be given the same platform to express my thoughts and beliefs on the matter. The library should be a place of education where one can come and find information, not be forced to listen to or accept one particular viewpoint or ideology.

This is also not diverse, as we would be led to believe. Have we seen a pastor’s story hour? Or a monogamous story hour? Bible hour? At the library? If this is truly a call for inclusion and diversity, why do other groups get shut out?

Our tax dollars should not be going to support a slanted and one-sided agenda. These story hours need to stop.

Josh Smith, West Kelowna

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