License bicycles - and cats!

I must be missing something.

After having done a great job with the bike trails that now allow walkers and horses and bicycles, the move should be made to require a bicycle licence so that changes and maintenance can be done in the future to these wonderful trails.

The main users should be contributing to the upkeep, not the general public.

Dogs are licensed and sometimes roam, cats are not licensed and roam more often, mainly where they are not wanted. They should be licensed, too.

Before we have electric scooters, electric bicycles, bicycles and electric skateboards everywhere, get some revenue from them to deal with the problems they will create.

At the same time, with road alterations and maintenance, how come at one of the growing pedestrian crossings in Kelowna from the Airport Village and Four Points Hotel, there is only one pedestrian crossing lane on the Airport Village side and not the Four Points side, to the airport itself.

I have seen passengers with suitcases trying to run across the highway on the side that has no crosswalk or button to push. Watch out before someone is run down.

Michael Henderson, Kelowna

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