Waterfront not private

Re: Richest house in tax default

I couldn't help but notice the concrete lakefront deck of this sumptuous residence, it appears to be right up to the water's edge. 

I was wondering how it is that the rich are allowed to do these kinds of things. Is there a different set of laws for the affluent from the laws set forth for the rest of us lowlifes?

Okanagan Lake, being over 70 miles long and averaging a mile and half wide is, by law, a federally regulated navigable waterway under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Coast Guard (the RCMP when CCG not available) and as such all land for 25 feet above the average high water level is public domain (check the law!). 

There are a few exceptions to this, as years ago the feds granted a few lakeshore sites to the railroads (CN and CP) for tug/barge docking purposes).

These gifted taxpayers' properties have since been sold for private profit. 

What federal, provincial or municipal bureaucrat has been granted the authority to simply give away our beach access?

A few hundred Richie Riches versus tens of thousands of us lowlifes.

Have you ever tried to go for a peaceful walk with one foot in the water and one foot on the sand from the bridge to Gyro Park, or the Mission Creek outfall? Good luck.

John B. Collinson, Kelowna

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