It's dangerous out there

Why do we teach children to look before crossing the road?

As a pedestrian, I wish drivers would be more aware and cautious.

A man in a black truck recently told me to chill when he almost hit me, swearing at me while I was crossing the street, just after a woman in a white car sped through the crosswalk on Houghton Road.

I had 17 seconds to cross. This is only a small example of drivers' attitude and carelessness toward pedestrians who follow walking guidelines and rules of the road. 

We don't like it when you honk at us to move faster across a busy intersection. I have seen so many run red lights, run stop signs, follow elders on scooters and walkers going across the street. One day, I am sure these drivers will hurt or injure someone. 

I urge others to snap photos of these bad drivers, copy down licence plates and report them. If you think it is funny to do these things, I suggest you try walking. 

Instead of an adult, imagine this person is a young child ... will you speed up as they try to make it across the road for school? Let's hope not. 

J. Pichler

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