What a fool believes

I recently viewed an ad featuring Andrew Sheer telling me he wants to leave a few extra bucks in my pocket.

What he doesn’t tell you is those few extra bucks will not come close to making up for the extra costs I and other families will incur when social programs and pensions/old age security are slashed.

Being of a mature age, I have heard it all before. You would have to be a simpleton to fall for it.

And then there are the Liberals and that rock-star, Justin.

While I agree with most of their social policies, violating one of the principles and safeguards of democracy is not justified on the grounds of “saving jobs for Canadians."

You would have to be a simpleton to believe that as well.

Perhaps I will have to get with the times and think outside the box when the federal election rolls around soon.  And then there are provincial politics...

Ralph Perrich, Kelowna

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