Worried about Green threats

During the most recent proportional representation referendum (and hopefully last), 71% of people in the Okanagan voted to keep our current first-past-the-post voting model. 

Some of the biggest reasons people chose the system they know is because we were threatened with “racists” grabbing the reins of power to force through their “nefarious” policies. 

I can remember being told that would never happen. That the “alt-right” groups just don’t represent enough voices to get anyone elected, let alone hold any amount of power. But the fear was there. Fear that a small fringe party, possibly without even party status, could demand something outrageous with the threat of bringing down the government. The fear campaign worked very well.

Unfortunately, what we all assumed was a fear campaign actually turned out to be the truth. 

Elizabeth May recently said in an interview that if the speech from the throne doesn’t include decimating our oil and gas sector, she will bring the government down and force another general election, and she will continue to do that until she gets what she wants or a majority is formed. 

This is the exact scenario the fear campaign played us on, but from the left.

The Green Party has been lucky until now in that it has never been a contender, so candidates could say anything they wanted without fear of having to deliver on it. Now in the spotlight, the Greens' policies are coming home to roost.

From hiring the “Prince of Darkness” of political campaigns, to allowing members to introduce forced-birth policies, to endorsing the anti-semite BDS movement, the Greens have proven they just aren’t ready to be taken seriously.  Elizabeth May cannot be taken seriously.

I 100% support a transition to a low-carbon future, but the key word is transition. The Green policy of no more pipelines, no fracking, cancelling the LNG plant in Kitimat and canceling the $4.5B TMX pipeline is not a transition and would take a wrecking ball to our economy and leave Canadians on the hook for billions in restitution to those companies for their losses. 

Oil and gas make up 7% of our yearly GDP; we cannot simply upend that because some radical party thinks Canada is the lynch-pin in the climate change equation.  

Ben Reiner

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