Don't censor debate

I was appalled at the decision to disallow Maxime Bernier from participating in the federal leaders debate because of “rules” determined earlier by the government. 

It is unfair to Canadians not to be able to hear what the Peoples Party of Canada offers in terms of its platform and principles and to get to know something of Bernier.  

The PPC is the fastest growing party in Canadian history. 

In nine short months, the party has grown its membership from scratch to over 40,000. It has nominated 310 candidates to stand for election in the October federal election, with a few more still to go.

Barring Bernier appears to be an effort to censor a major political debate.  

If you want to know the principles the PPC stands for and read its platform for correcting the mess that Canada is in, go to their website to see what you are being prevented from hearing and seeing. Don’t let Big Money control your choices. 

Bob Reid, Vernon

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