More density, more taxes

All cities have bought into the urban sprawl myth.

Sprawl, what an awful sound.

So now we have Kelowna, like other cities, planning high density in already congested residential areas. High density equals high congestion and high crime. 

What if, instead of urban sprawl, it was called planned urban quality lifestyle? Oh wait, then the city couldn’t grab more property taxes. 

Planners never seem to assess infrastructure. They want to jam as many highrise apartments into as small a space as possible. Damn the roadway congestion, damn the lack of public transportation. Just develop every square inch of land as quickly as possible.

More density, more taxes. 

A good example is the proposed development on Lakeshore where 450 residential units and commercial development is planned, subject to rubber stamp council approval.

Lakeshore/Pandosy is a congested roadway now. Heaven help us when this monster project gets completed.

High density, higher congestion, higher taxes ... mission accomplished.

Robert Hepting

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