Rich block lake for selves

It is very clear to us regular nobodies that the rich, muckie-mucks and politicians who depend on their campaign contributions believe that our lake, Okanagan Lake, is their personal property and playground.

Have you ever tried to go for a pleasant walk along the water's edge between the bridge and Mission Creek? 

We apparently have to be content with a few postage stamps sized beach accesses and even fewer relatively small parks to get anywhere near the water, while a few rich folks block off the vast majority of the lakefront.

While I agree with Ms. Hobbs' horror (Chemicals dumped in lake, Aug. 11) at the poison being dumped into our lake, I can only ask why those docks and wharves are being allowed by government officials. 

The fact of the matter is:

Okanagan Lake, being 75 miles long, is legally considered a federally regulated navigable waterway under the jurisdiction of the Coast Guard (if they aren't readily available, then the RCMP). Hence, the lake and all the land (except in some special circumstances) below the high water mark is public property. 

Just get them off our land, and we won't have the problem.

John B. Collinson, Kelowna

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