Is he taking responsibility?

Justin Trudeau has said it again and again, so I guess we are supposed to believe him. But what does it actually mean to take responsibility?

Surely, it must mean more than simply stating publicly that you take responsibility.

I read of high level resignations and think, that person took responsibility.

Wilson-Raybould took responsibility in her role to bring this corruption to light. Jane Philpot took responsibility in standing with her friend and colleague in the presence of obvious malfeasance among the highest ranks of her party.

SNC-Lavalin will inevitably take responsibility by paying even more bribes, err, fines, to the Canadian government. The only one not ultimately taking responsibility in this entire affair is, surprise surprise, the one who shouts the loudest about his taking responsibility. 

There is only one way for Trudeau to actually take responsibility after this, his second confirmed ethics violation, and that is to resign.

If he won't man up, the party should stand up and boot him out. Barring that, it is hard to see how the Liberal party could possibly avoid being relagated once again to third party status or worse.

Jeff Frank

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