Readers, we let you down

The debate over Kelowna’s homeless population has been loud and divided.

And, Castanet let one misguided letter on the subject slip through the cracks on Monday.

During a particularly busy day, we were pulled away on breaking news and hit submit without giving the letter the attention it deserved. That would have been to hit the delete button.

We apologize unreservedly for publishing a letter that equated the homeless camps along Enterprise Way with Kelowna’s feral rabbit situation in the area a decade ago. And, worse, alluded to the same kind of solution.

We never should have published the letter. And, after hearing from our readers, it was deleted.

It doesn’t represent what Castanet stands for, nor any caring community.

The letter has generated outrage, and we can’t disagree. At least, in that respect, it is good to see the many caring voices of Kelowna residents.

People do care about the plight of the homeless, and you have showed that in your response to the vile letter.

Castanet cares, too. We support causes such as the food bank, gospel mission and many other charitable events. We will continue to do that.

With the utmost humility, thank you for keeping us on our toes.

We can and should do better. In this instance we let you down.

– Director of Content Jon Manchester

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