Who is minding the store?

As a motorcycle rider, I was concerned about safety and started to inquire why the roads were not swept. 

It appears the new contractor was surprised in being awarded the contract. I would think they would have a contingency plan in place to hit the ground running.

So far, they have the earmarks of being poorly managed. 

Why would the government sign a 10-year contract and not have the ability to claw back payments for non-performance? Who is looking after the taxpayers' interest?

It seems like the government did not do a thorough job in the process. The contractor gets paid even if they do not do a proper job, the only thing at risk to my understanding is a 2% bonus if they exceed standards.  

From what I can ascertain, the local Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure management did not make the selection, but they have been handed a contract to manage the new contractor by.

It appears whoever is responsible for selection in our government did a poor job of structuring a contract with sufficient teeth to manage the contractor well and ensure a proper job.

I can only hope this contractor will get its act together so the public can travel in safety.

Bruce  Eckhoff, Armstrong

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