Self-checkouts, still talking

I understand people think it’s taking jobs away from people, but it is very hard to get staff who want to work.

We can’t get staff where I work, and I see lots of jobs advertised, but people are not applying. 

I like self-checkouts as it's faster to get out. I hate waiting in lineups if I don’t have to.

Kim Porter

I refuse to use the self-checkouts  for two reasons: I will not volunteer at a store so the corporations can make more money; and I will not take away someone's livelihood.

Anita Meldrum

Just shows you how replaceable humans are. The business that uses these self-checkouts doesn’t have to pay medical/dental/pensions.

Maybe self dentistry is coming soon – guide a little sharpie inside your mouth to scale your teeth.

For goodness sake, let a robot do it! Maybe the same robot can remove your diseased appendix.

Marjorie Vetrov

Self-checkouts are not convenient and are doing people out of jobs.

Employers should realize that having employees in the area of the exits is also a way to keep folks honest, and I feel the shops owe the customer the courtesy of some contact.

Vern and Pennie Dean

Perhaps you should have rephrased your poll question. Do I use self-checkouts? Out of necessity,  yes.
Do I like using them? No!

Gordon Kaltenhauser

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