Why only summer?

I read your article regarding the proposal of this new bylaw. My question is, why only for the summer months? Do the downtown businesses only need to make money in the summer? Do the public only need to feel safe shopping downtown during the summer? It seems this is the city’s sad attempt at appeasing tourists and tricking them into thinking our town is still what it used to be.

It would sure be nice if the year round tax paying residents were considered as important as the tourists! And why just downtown?! I live on the south end of Penticton and I can tell you right now, we need “boots on the ground” down here just as desperately as downtown! I can’t even take my young child to Walmart without being followed and harassed by mentally ill or drug addicted people wanting my money and my peace of mind! I can’t go to Tim Horton's for coffee without being harassed, I can’t let my child use the public restrooms at the Skaha Park and Beach anymore because they are not sanitary or safe. Parents have to check the parks for needles before they let their kids play! I have had to call the police to discard of drug baggies that still had remnants in the bags, at Skaha Beach Park area. Those remnants could kill a child! I tried to take my child to the museum recently, and as I took her out of the truck, a man came walking up to us, out of nowhere, yelling and swearing. He proceeded to sit right in front of our truck and continue yelling and swearing. Needless to say, I quickly put my daughter back in the truck, locked the doors, and left. She was so disappointed, she loves the library and museum. But those spaces are not safe anymore either!

I am so deeply saddened, watching what has happened to the town I have grown up in, my hometown. It’s not going to be home much longer, families will have to leave to find a safe place to raise their children. Business owners will have to leave because nobody feels safe to walk down the street to get to their storefront to spend money. We need more than just a downtown “summer street sweep” for the tourists, we need city wide boots on the ground, we need the housing for the mentally fragile and addicted to be away from schools and local business. The city needs to use some of their rural property to house and rehabilitate these people, then integrate them into the community when they are no longer a threat to our safety and security and when they no longer rob us of the right to peaceful enjoyment of our homes and our hometown.

Come on City of Penticton! A summer facade is not enough for the taxpaying residents of Penticton!

Amie Noso

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