Hit the nail on the head

Re: Lanny Hoffman's letter "Zero tolerance doesn't work"

Lanny, you hit the nail on the head! 

There is a millennial in this town who dreams of doing just what you suggest, and she's dreamed of it now since she was in middle school, going on 10 years ago. 

She attended the first ever Angel Investor's Summit, but was turned down due to her dream being a "lifestyle business," although it is squarely in the social enterprise space.

This dream would assist in addressing Kelowna's housing, job, and youth scene. The business plan would have the dream supporting itself once up and running, while creating positive ripple effects into the community.  All she needs is enough startup capital to buy land and build the facilities.

If you know people who can help, put us in touch.

Marilynn Dawson

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