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Rose Valley is a reservoir supplied solely by Bear Creek therefore it is seasonal and very limited to what comes down the creek at various times of the year. It is also turbulent and steeped in tannic acids (brown colour due to leaves and pine needles) which no amount of filtering will remove. So, the plan is to construct a $40—70 million  dollar filter/pumping station/reducing stations etc. with no future guarantee of enough water available to supply future needs. Does this make sense or should the plan be amended to take the same amount of water from the Okanagan Lake thus no actual filter system would be required. 

A filtering system is not cheap to operate and maintain. It is also a high electricity consumer as more pumps are required to pass the water thru the filters. What good is this news $49 million system if Rose Valley cannot keep up the demand for brown water. So, let us purchase a piece of land for $915,000 so we have a foot print for the new plant. If no plant is built at Rose Valley and the Okanagan Lake becomes the supply, Bear Creek will be able to have the regular flow and be home to more spawning kokanee and trout instead of just a small trickle in dry times. Of course wise people are making this decision and they are spending someone else`s money so why not, just go ahead and build it, even if it is a mistake. 

Rose Valley is also an open to everyone type of reservoir so vandalism is not out of the question as far as keeping the  lake clean. Your choice—Rose Valley brown water open to everyone or the Okanagan Lake clear water—just choose. PS City of Kelowna now has taken over SEKID water system—we just paid $1329 for one year of water supply—Rose Valley water will not be any cheaper—I promise. Also Okanagan Lake water does not need to be filtered—funny enough, is it not.

Jorgen Hansen

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