Drain our swamp

Our PM now appears to be a drunken bull in a china shop looking for the exit. We as citizens deserve better than this. This whole SNC-Lavalin mess has become strange and embarrassing — surreal to the point one wonders about our government and the advisability of the new pot laws. Whose smokin’ dope? 

The latest foray, and there’s no reason to disbelieve Ms Philpott either, seems to lead to the conclusion the governing caucus is turning a blind eye to the PM as he steps out in front of a bus. There has to be several in that group who know there must be a formal secret ballot to expel a member ... actually, two secret ballots.

It’s unfortunate the spin writers are out in full force shedding new light on what is acceptable for our politicians — that a political party, a governing body, should be protected from the law and institutions of the land by partisanship coming first, before country. They believe it is acceptable for an elected few to close ranks against the rest of Canada, no matter, for the sake of their continuation in power. This is a trait we abhor south of the border. It should not be welcome here.

Now anyone that suggests this is OK because politicians did worse things in the past, is a major part of the problem. We should not entertain childish arguments of that kind. And we should applaud those willing to risk their career exposing ineptitude and dishonesty. We want those people in government, don’t we ?

We need to establish consequences for our politicians be they Liberal, Conservative, NDP, or Green.

It seems fall would be a good time to drain our swamp.

Neil Stephenson

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