Something smells fishy

Re: Ben Reiner's letter, Who am I to disagree?

I have a very short assignment or you. Study the Mediaeval Warming Period (900-1400 AD).

I know there are lots of educated people who insist that humans are causing global warming or climate change and most likely the next ice age as well, but that doesn’t mean you have to be so gullible.

Just because people in authority say something is so, does not make it true.

They used to think the world was flat.

There are many scientists who say that climate change is complete bull, Arctic ice is now increasing. This winter smashed 10-year cold records worldwide.

Wouldn’t a thinking person reason that something might be suspicious here?

Al Gore is on target to become the first climate billionaire, and every country that has followed his lead is robbing its populace of their hard-earned money. All in the name of the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.

We must be good stewards of nature, but this has nothing to do with that.

Steve Novak, Kelowna

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