Why all the fuss?

I don't understand the fuss over the recent ad looking for pets to butcher. 

Wouldn't the carnivores among us prefer to buy meat from an ethical source?

The ad said the animals will have a good life and their slaughter will be humane, in accordance with Canadian laws or better.  Purchasers of such meat need not worry that the animals were tortured before death to tenderize their flesh.  

Why has the ad shocked some readers? Surely, the information in the ad ranks high on the animal welfare scale where death is humane and quick? 

In Canada, food animals such as calves, cows, pigs, lambs and horses may not be intentionally tortured, yet their deaths are rarely humane or quick. 

Anyone who has heard their cries in the face of imminent death cannot pretend that death comes easily to them.  

In the West, we can be profoundly squeamish about the process of meat production for our plate.

Looking at the meat isles in our supermarkets, it would be impossible to reconstruct the whole animal. Where are the heads, tails, feet, tongues, eyes and genitalia?

Those remains are sold separately, perhaps to restaurants or pet food companies.

Helen Schiele, Kelowna

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