Use reason, not fear

I read with considerable dismay the recent letter from Garry Rayner. 

I do agree that it is time for greater engagement of Canada's youth in our electoral system. Time and again it has been shown that when youth turn out to vote, they support progressive parties and often make their judgments thinking of a better future. 

That is the extent to which I agree with Mr. Rayner. Beyond this, the rest of his letter is utter nonsense.

The notion of a non-binding UN Migration Pact that he advocates is devoid of reason, reality, and rationality. I will say it again – the UN Migration Pact is a non-binding agreement. Canada, a nation built on immigrants, will not be destroyed by this pact. Moreover, there are precisely zero Canadians who will be imprisoned should they exercise their reasonable free speech to oppose the pact.

It is unfortunate that so many cannot reasonably participate in political discourse around immigration policy, which will feature as a major issue in the next election, if only because of incessant right-wing fear-mongering and baseless fallacies.

Canada's youth are our future, but more importantly they are also our present. Increasingly, I see them getting engaged in politics, fed up with a status quo that has for too long disregarded their issues. Key policy advancements such as climate change legislation, marijuana legalization, enshrinement of LGBTQ+ rights, and more feature youth at the forefront, pushing the rest of the country along a course where we can continue to do things in a good way.

As is often said, diversity is our strength, and the diverse and informed opinions of Canada's youth will continue to have a positive influence on our politics. 

Our current government, like all those in Canada before it, represents and defends democracy. It is unfortunate to see that certain individuals and groups would seek to undermine that by attempting to delegitimize our current leadership by promoting a politics of fear instead of acting as a voice of reason.

Richard McAdam, Kelowna

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