Costco still has 'em talking

As someone who does not believe in having to pay for a membership to shop, I have never been a Costco member and do not shop there, so personally I don't care if they move. However, I do believe the airport location would have been perfect and since I do shop at Superstore, I hope they will now expand. I did go to Costco once with my mother who was a member back in the 1990s. I decided to pay for her purchases to help her out, but Costco would not take my debit or credit card because I was not a member. That cemented my decision to never join, and we walked out without purchasing the over $200 worth of stuff we were going to buy.

Bernice Leduc, Kelowna

Seriously not happy Costco is planning to move. Bridge traffic will become a nightmare. I will not shop as often, if at all, due to the inconvenience, cost of fuel, traffic. Will Vernon folk really travel for over an hour now? Why can’t they have two stores? The current store is always so busy that I can’t see why they wouldn’t have sufficient business at both locations. 

Brenda Haynes

I really hope it’s true. I can hardly wait. Gas bar sounds good, too.

Marika Luczi

I live on the Westside and I am ecstatic about the possibility of Costco moving into our neighbourhood! I drive to the Costco store in Kelowna whenever need be. I’m sure the people of Kelowna would do the same and drive to the Westside. I know a lot of people in West Kelowna are very happy with the news.

Brenda Andonov

The decision to relocate is based on three things. 1.Gas bar is now possible. 2. Liquor store is also now an option. 3. A dispensary is also now an option. The Chevron station has a hold over Costco. The agreement most likely states that Costco can’t compete with Chevron on this site. Being located on property developed and owned by WFN means a liquor store and dispensary are now options.

M. Aquilon

We love Costco at its current location and so do many others from Lake Country to Vernon. A Westside Costco would increase congestion on the bridge and discourage many members the north side of Kelowna from going to shop there. Also think of the many seniors who fill their drug prescriptions at Costco at the present location.

Joe and Irene Hofer

I think it's a great idea and about time the Westside – which is the best side – finally gets a Costco! With any luck, they'll keep/have both locations. But if only one is feasible, I'd like to see the Westside.

Nancy Paz

I think Kelowna people need to understand that the location of the westside Costco will be approximately four minutes from downtown in most traffic. Seriously, that's closer to the downtown core than it is now! The Westside is not that far away.

Kris Loewen

I’ve seen a lot of letters complaining about the woes of crossing the bridge to get to Costco, should it relocate. Think about the fact that there are many of us who feel the same way now. We travel from various communities throughout the South Okanagan, face the bridge traffic, as well as the congestion of Kelowna itself. I will shop at Costco regardless of whether it moves or not. I anticipate being able to access cheaper fuel with the addition of a gas bar, and will most likely shop there more, as I won’t have to fight the congestion of Kelowna. I look forward to learning more of this, as time passes.

Heather Owens

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