Comparison doesn't fly

It really makes me angry when I hear someone from Interior Health or Journey Home refer to my home in the same sentence as "wet facility."

The wet facility supportive home will be built and paid for with my tax dollars. They are being used to house those who do not work and are not capable of working because of their addictions, but they get money from us to pay for that roof over their heads. 

We were told by the John Howard Society that these people can continue to live there for the rest of their lives, at our expense, with no effort to help themselves – using drugs and alcohol anytime. 

This is their home, so they can do this the same as we can in our homes.

Excuse me. There is no comparison. I have spent my life working to support my own way. I pay taxes and still do. I don't expect a handout from anyone, and if I have a drink in my own home, which I paid for by working hard, don't even think of comparing me to a resident in supportive housing.

Rose Lien

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