Losing a loyal customer

I have lived in Lake Country for 27 years, and have shopped at Costco Kelowna at least once a week for 26 years, having raised four children, loading up an orange cart, and routinely spending, $400 a week.

Now, we use Costco for our farm/food business shopping.

Some would call me a Costco queen. I like to consider myself a faithful customer. 

I look forward to my weekly trips, and so does my family. 

With the news of Costco likely moving to the Westside, all that will change. A 20-minute trip will extend into a 40-minute trip. Navigating bridge traffic and holding my breath as I drive over and under an overpass that fell apart shortly after it was built. 

I really see this as a step backwards. Rush hour will need to be considered as well as potential accidents.

The proposed location is far from transit friendly. 

I did a little poll among friends who have been Costco members for years. Some told me they will be cancelling their memberships. I am already dreaming about other places to spend my budget. 

Darlene Friesen

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