Canada doing its part

The carbon tax is a scam in letter writer Steve Novak's words, but I cant follow his logic.  

Even if we are carbon neutral, we in Canada do not live in a glass dome or a bubble where we circulate only the air quality we enjoy.  

If we in Canada do our little part to continue to reduce carbon in our air and waters, and possible somehow continue to act as a filter, perhaps we are contributing to a better future for the Earth.  

After all, Canada contributes $5 billion to help less fortunate developing countries, and if we use Novak's reasoning on carbon and apply it to helping others, this is a scam, too.  

Not really. This is what Canadians do and have done for years.   

At least those in power have a better grip on carbon and are trying to do their share, helping Canadians and all inhabitants of Earth.

We are not run by Donald Trumps, not in my Canada.

Dale Dirks

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