Didn't listen to the people

Kelowna's mayor and council should reconsider reconsider their approval of the Agassiz Road project.

If the general public had been asked, they would have given a similar answer to Castanet's recent poll on placing supportive housing in residential areas. 

Sixty five per cent would not want this type of program in their area. Only 17 percent agree. 

Council didn't listen to the people of the Agassiz Road area. Perhaps they should listen to the views of their city-wide voters. 

Most citizens want to help, but not with a wet facility in a residential area. Even most of those who said no way want the drug addicted, alcoholic or mentally troubled to get the help needed, not just a roof over their heads, but treatment programs. 

In any election or civic issue the majority rules. This basic fact has been ignored. In case you missed it, here are the poll results:

Should Supportive Housing be built in residential neighbourhoods?

  • Total Votes              8,978
  • Sure why not          17.22 %
  • Not in mine              5.74  %
  • No way!                   59.6%
  • Commercial areas  10.8 %
  • Undecided              7.36 %

Joanna Blacklock

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