Don't forget trustee vote

Voting day is fast approaching, and I hope to encourage Okanagan residents to do their research and vote, not only for mayor and council, but school trustees as well.

Even those whose children aren’t in school, or those without children, need to understand the importance of the trustee role to our entire community. Schools educate our children and give them the opportunity to become productive members of society. School trustees oversee the decisions the school district and Superintendent make and ensure they apply the same approach of planning and management to Central Okanagan schools, as you would expect the city council to do for each city.

In West Kelowna, I support Chantelle Desrosiers for school trustee. Chantelle and I met, both as outspoken parents to proposed changes to West Kelowna schools last year. Having lived in West Kelowna many years, Chantelle recognized that residents need a trustee who is willing to engage and advocate for our rapidly growing community.

Chantelle has the ability to be a great trustee; she is well educated with degrees in finance and political science, and has volunteered for PAC's in two different West Kelowna schools. Even before Chantelle officially decided to run for trustee, she was already devoting her personal time to attending school board and committee meetings. Chantelle is astutely aware of the current challenges of West Kelowna and the Central Okanagan School District and would very easily transition to the role of school trustee.

Sara Neukomm, West Kelowna

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