Wage increase will backfire

As a longtime employer in an industry that maintains about 70 per cent young people, I believe the minimum wage increase will impact them in a negative way.

This is their introduction to the world of employment, where they learn responsibility and other life lessons.

I support the increase for the other 30 per cent, as they are the ones who have financial commitments. They have to put groceries on the table, rent, transportation costs, etc.

Unfortunately, this group will be penalized due to the fact that the 15 year old part-timer is now making $12.65 an hour.

The 50 year old who has the to make ends meet will have to forego wage increases for this reason.

Will this now change employers' attitudes on hiring young people? I believe they will, and that will be a sad loss for our younger generation.

The new wage has to impact the higher wage earners to be fair. An employee who is currently earning $15 an hour and who has been employed by the same employer, out of fairness alone, deserves a raise, too.

And that could lead to consumers paying for the increase in the cost of doing business.

The effects of this will be seen in the next three years, as the entire country will be dealing with the same situation.

I can't say what the answer is, but I do know the environment in my business has changed dramatically in terms of employing people.

A 15 year old who was hired less than three months ago recently asked for a raise. The answer was "you will be receiving a raise in two weeks. You will be earning an additional $1.30 per hour." His response without hesitation: "That's not a raise, everyone gets that. I want more than that."

How long do you think he will last?

Here's another story. I recently came up to an intersection in my car and saw an individual holding a sign that read: "No money, no food, need help."

I thought I would give her a chance and asked if she would like a job. To my surprise, she showed up the next day. She lasted four days, and never returned after that.

She did call from her cellphone a few days later, asking for the pay that she was owed. She's back on her corner, looking for handouts.

The argument out there is "equal pay for equal work," so everyone should receive the same starting wage. I've also heard the problem with common senses is it's not too common.

Time will tell what the outcome will be. My prediction is it will have no positive effect, if any, on the economy. All employers I know will or have already be increasing prices to offset the wage increase. I hope the customer will understand.

Interior Taco

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