A flagger's message

We all drive and experience the same general frustrations of any growing city.

With growth, comes prosperity, and traffic.

Don't tell me you haven't seen somebody do something hazardous and stupid so often that it just seems normal.

There's never a cop around when you need one.

Our safety should be the most protective of all barriers – to and keep us safe from one another while driving a weapon. I see it for a living, every day.  

I'm a flagger. We are highly trained, very safety conscious and are certified by the BC Construction Safety Alliance.

Safety is our main objective – ur safety, our crews' safety and above all your safety.

All our signs tell a short story of what to expect ahead. First, you will see a crew ahead sign. This is when you shoud pay attention and start to slow down. Then you will see a prepare to stop sign; you probably shouldn't speed up.

Next you'll see a flagger ahead sign. Start thinking about stopping.

We do a lot of single-laning to divert traffic around the work. The waits are unavoidable. We are doing the best we can, as safely as possible.

Please try to have a safe day.

Paul Leblanc

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