The centre of my local “food store” has been renovated to sell alcoholic products.

They offer free samples to passersby, even those struggling with alcoholism. There is a BC Liquor Store that shares the same parking lot, just a stone's throw away. 

The BCLDB has social responsibilities that I am currently questioning.

Why are tobacco and gaming products hidden from shoppers, yet alcohol is unavoidable as you approach the checkout? This is the only grocery store left within walking distance from my residence.

Ever tried to ask the sales person about smoking, and which blend will taste better with blue cheese? Where is the Marlboro Man offering free organic samples at the farmers market? The store within a store approach that Vancouver is taking is a much smarter plan.

It is my loose understanding that these grocery liquor licences are really a loophole transfer from the BCVQA stores, which were stand-alone stores.

This is not socially responsible.

It is my understanding that the Overwaitea Food Group and owner Jim Pattison are doing very well by the residents of B.C. Mr. Pattison, please give us more real food! We look to you to provide our communities with healthy local options.  

In our local grocery store, the “Wines of BC” area takes up more space than the produce aisle. If they applied the same energy into “Foods of BC,” that would be much more responsible.

There's no need for these licenses. I still have to buy beer at the other end of the parking lot.

Mark Douglas

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